Memories and Promises

empty room2

What do you see? How far is your vision? Where are you standing?…

Working on wholeness has given me revelations I have been previously blinded to. One is an “empty room” revelation. God has been dealing with me on perception this week. I am learning how to look at life differently.

I spent a lot of time moving around when I was younger. Also, as a single mother of two, my adult life has been a whirlwind of moving and adjusting to different environments. What I remember most about those transition periods were two defining moments. The first was when I found a new place and could stand in the empty rooms and see potential and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Secondly, after I cleaned out my old residence, I recall standing in the emptied out space, remembering all the things that had taken place there. I stood there remembering the laughs, cries, and experiences that encompassed my journey. In both places I was standing in similar circumstances, empty rooms. But one place had me focused on memories, while the other empty space had me focused on new beginnings and promises that had yet been fulfilled. Both are necessary, but we can only exist in one.

“Empty rooms” can be many different things.

  • When you get a new job, do you think about everything that happened on your last job? Do you focus on how your boss was or previous co-workers, and then behave based off of what took place before? Or do you focus on the opportunity and prepare to embark on a new journey?
  • When you enter in a new relationship, are you ready to start new with trusting and loving as Christ loves us, or do you hold the new person accountable for the last persons mistakes?
  • In ministry, do you focus on the vision before you and place your faith in what God is doing, so He can be glorified? Or do you try to control every aspect of God’s work, so you cannot be hurt or disappointed like you were in your last ministry?

What “empty room” are you standing in? One filled with memories or one filled with promises?

Where ever you are standing look towards the promise. No matter what the situation is, meditate on the newness and possibilities. Place your faith in what you CANNOT see. Your vision should always be focused on God and moving forward in what He has in store for you. Without a vision, you will perish or suffer ruin and destruction. (Ref Proverbs 29:18a)

Yes, we must always take the time to remember. Appreciate where we have been. But we cannot exist there. It would be like trying to reside in two places. We can’t go forward with vision, purpose and wholeness, if we still exist in the past.

Think about the “empty rooms” in YOUR life. Are you focused on what will be, or are you looking at what was. It is all about perception. Same empty rooms, different perceptions. Memories or promises? Where will YOU exist?

While standing in our “empty rooms”, let us focus on the promises and have faith in the newness God gives us!!!!





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