It seems as a society, we spend a lot of time in a self imposed race. We strive and push to have things!  It may be money, houses, name brand clothing, purses, shoes, cars or that job/career you believe you need…. It could be that relationship you feel you can’t do without. Whatever it is, is that God’s will for you? Or are you believing the mirage placed before you. Are you chasing status? Popularity? Love? Are you running from who you USE to be, hoping these things can mask who u really are? Be honest with yourself…WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?!?
As children of God, we should be God chasers, peace pursuers, love leaders… we should be seeking the kingdom, ( ref. Matt. 6:33 ) while God adds the “other things “…our desire should be more of God and less of us and this world. Get with God and evaluate what you really strive for and see if you gain these things, will you lose your passion and focus on Christ? If so, your not prospering….YOUR LOSING YOUR SOUL!




2 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?

  1. So true. We should be “God chasers, peace pursuers, love leaders and seeking the Kingdom…,” but somewhere along the line, we lost our way and got the Kingdom’s value system confused with the world’s value system. I love it when I see children of God that are not totally consumed in trying to “make it,” in order to be “successful,” which is usually just a trick of the enemy to keep our eyes off of the things of God. May God continue to bless you and keep you.


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