Life Lessons from a Single Parent



I have been a single parent for almost 18 years and I cannot say they have been easy years. Things became a lot more understandable when I gave my life to Christ, but before then, I was doing things as I had learned. There was absolutely Nothing wrong with that. I had great childhood due to being a military brat. But I also come from a two parent home. I had to adjust some things to fit me and my household and the way the Word told me to handle things.


Lessons from a Single Parent are things that I learned from this bumpy ride. Many things I will write are biblical principles and some things I learned from working with youth. (I have been doing that for over 15 years, from Boys and Girls Club to working with juveniles that have been adjudicated) So do I have experience with children…


Today, I just want to say as single parents, we have to protect our children. Should all children be protected..uuhhh, YEEESSSSS!!! The reason this is a big deal for single parents is because a lot of times we need breaks and are exhausted from having to be all things to all people!!! For this reason, we sometimes leave our children in situations that aren’t the best for them, just so we can have a break.  WE end up getting the break we need, only to subject our babies to something that may take years for them to get over (if they ever do). From the beginning when Adam and Eve fell, God cursed the serpent saying there would be enmity between him and the women and her seed and his seed (Ref Gen 3:15) So the devil is already after women and children. And who are the victims of most crimes..WOMEN and CHILDREN!!! We have to be more careful who we leave them with, and what we allow them to watch. This may seem a little over protective to some, but I am speaking of younger children. When you make strong decisions for them when they are young, they will learn to do it for themselves as they get older. Train a child the way they should go, right?


So here are a few tips:

  • Surround yourself with people who believe like you do. I am a Christian, so I would choose to leave my children with someone who follows the same biblical principles I do. If you don’t drink or smoke, why leave your children with those who do and open them up to different vices. Now I know many would say, they have to learn about that stuff its life…. TRUE…so teach them yourself in a safe environment. I did not always do this, and trust me there are still some things I am having to undo…
  • Don’t let the internet or television baby sit your children. This is so self-explanatory. It’s easy to do, but now a days, kids are more tech savvy than most adults and there is no telling what they will see and/or act on. There are too many predators hoping we open this door for them, so shut it down. Keep all computers in open areas. Keep TV watching to a minimum. ( shouldn’t  be too hard with school starting back )
  • Remember, you had them. It was your choice, so put them first. This may seems hard to do, but when you are parenting, your life is not your own anymore. The Lord saw fit to bless you, regardless of how you became a parent, so do the best you can!!!! I use to say that “If my children can’t go with me, it’s not a place I need to be” and I stuck with that. I have an extremely close bond with my children and as teenagers, they value my opinion because I have earned their respect. This didn’t come overnight, but it is possible.

So today, let us try to do things a little different and watch God bring results!


PHIL 4:13











6 thoughts on “Life Lessons from a Single Parent

  1. How many do you have? There is nothing I wanted more in life than to be a mother, but I married a man with 4 children that did not and do not want another Mom. Isn’t that sad? That they can’t see that loving me would be so beneficial to them??? You’ve heard the song… I am loved so I can risk loving you…Unconditional is what it takes to be a natural Mom, a Stepmom, a single Mom, and Mother-in-law. You have to refuel that unconditional part from the Source. You are blessed beyond measure to have children of your own.:-)


    • Hey lady, sorry so long to reply, I have been so busy with ministry an mommy stuff (my oldest in a Senior in high school, YIKES) but to answer you, I have 2 children a boy ,16 and a girl who will be 18 next month!! We are extremely close since it has only been us and they are amazing. And regardless of whether or no biologically you give birth, God has the ability to place people in your life you truly desire a mother figure. So lets be praying for that!!!

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  2. One more thing… it would just be heaven if they would just throw a little love back every once in a while like a chewie bone to a puppy. I could gnaw on just a little for a very long time!


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