Be Not Weary….


I was not planning on writing today, but the news of comedic genius, Robin Williams, succumbing to the spirit of depression awoke thoughts I needed to express. Yes, I did say, “a spirit of depression” because that is what it is. It is a tool of the enemy to keep our minds in a place of darkness unable to ask for or receive any help. It torments, ridicules and makes one feel useless and worthless. Many suffer silently. No one wants to admit to it. Wow, how do I know? Yes, you guessed it!!! I suffered for years. I remember the dark days of doom, the black curtains that enveloped the wall in my heart, the large doses of Valium, Xanax, and Ambien!!! How could I forget the days I woke up ready to go back to sleep, feigning for a pill to take away the pain of being awake. Oh yes!!! Those days are memories, but still real for me. And many reading this as well…..What saved me you ask???  THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST…

( I am in no way speaking on Robin Williams’ spiritual state or religious beliefs. His tragic death was the catalyst for this post, but this post is mainly about me and my experience with depression and how Christ saved ME)

I am not just a bible thumping, cross wearing Christian that has fallen for the crazy belief of serving a resurrected King…I am a person that was dying a slow, ugly death and I worship the only ONE TRUE GOD WHO SAVED ME…..This life is so real….My heart is crushed as I read about countless of suicides that take place because the battle to depression is lost before it can ever be fought. We have to be more present in each other’s lives. We have to be accountable to our brothers and sisters in this world who do not know the “peace of God which passes all understanding” (Ref Philippians 4:7). This is where interceding in SO important. We have to go to Jesus for those who can’t go for themselves!!!  The spirit of depression is crippling and devastating and comes for many different reasons. People in pain mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually become immobile. That spirit causes the mind to wreak havoc in EVERY area of one’s life. It can be masked, but only the Love of Christ can heal, deliver and set one totally free from it!!!! Christ tells us “Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Ref Matthew 11:28)


Laboring on our own and being “heaving laden” with the cares of this world can cause depression. This causes us to first be weary, and when we tarry in it long enough, depression sets in. When we lose focus on why we were created, life seems hard, cold, and unbearable. Not only does the Word of God and the love of Christ wash away sins, but it heals brokenness. Focusing on His wonderful Word leaves small room for the devil to pursue your thoughts with deceit. Resting in His Word and His love keeps weariness away….

Allow your heart and mind to be open to those around you. Watch out with spiritual eyes for those who could be suffering in silence. Let us do the work of Christ and not just be filled with scriptures and vain words. Pray today that your eyes of understanding be made aware of anyone in your circle who could be suffering. Tell the Lord to allow your paths to cross with someone who needs to know God’s Love. He has called us to love one another, not only in word, but in actions. Let us not get weary in this walk, but push even harder to spread the gospel. I love you all dearly!!! Don’t suffer anymore…SEEK Christ!!!

Be Moved, Be Mindful, Be Encouraged, and



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