Letting Go Does Not Mean Giving Up

~~~INSPIRATIONAL REBLOG ~~~ I HAD to SHARE this post… it’s amazing because we all have felt like giving up…but it is about who we give it up to! This should give you hope in your situation….

Women in the Waiting


Situations beyond our control can be our worst nightmare. We are people who find security in having the money to pay the bills and a little fun time. We find peace in having the spouse who comes straight home from work everyday and doesn’t like hanging out in the clubs. But when you find yourself dealing with things that you cannot fix or control, it almost makes you crazy! Fear starts to overtake you and doubt sets in. Even frustration takes over because nothing you can do will change the situation.

So how do we handle the situations that are out of our control? WE DON’T! That is the answer. If there is nothing you can do about it, then don’t do anything. Just let it go. The moment you release that problem into the atmosphere, God will reach out and grab it and do exactly what needs to be done…

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