Be the Light


Allow yourself to be the light for someone today!  We were called out of darkness to show others the way! Whatever our “dark” situations were, Christ defeated them because we believed! We have overcome!  Now because He lives in us, we carry that same light… The same Love He showed us, let’s show others…


Let your light shine today!

Be Illuminating
Be Bright



12 thoughts on “Be the Light

    • oh bless you, my wonderful sister in Christ!!! I thank God for you being led to read my page and am grateful that you can see my love and passion for Him through my writing. I love all people because I unfortunately did NOT receive it in the beginning of my Christian walk. I never want anyone to cross my path and not receive what was given to me from Christ freely. We all deserve it!!! I cannot wait to dig into your writing and allow the Spirit to bless me through your writing as well!!! Many blessing lady!!


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