Be Healed!!!


Healing is attached to wholeness! You have to heal from the scars of past tribulations in order transition into your destiny! But let’s look at things a little different on this morning….
From now on, let’s not push and strive to become who we think we need to be…
Let us get rid of, or die to, all the things this world has added to our personalities that isn’t Really us! God knew us in the womb (Ref Isaiah 44:2) and He creates GOOD THINGS! Strive to be that “good thing” He originally created!!!
Let go of anything, anyone and any mindset not like Christ…allow healing to form in You..
Be Healed…



16 thoughts on “Be Healed!!!

  1. I love your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful stories and inspiration with us. I want to recognize your blog with a Very Inspirational Blogger Award. No obligation to participate, but if you manage the time and you would like to, head over to and you will find the instructions there, although I know you’ve done this before. 😉 God bless you!!!


    • Oh my..I am honored that you would consider me… I am not familiar with these types of things at all, but when I get a chance, God’s will, I will definitely check it out…God bless you as well and again thats for the nomination..I pray my words continue to encourage and inspire others through Christ

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