Look UP!!!


What are we looking at? What catches our attention? What are our eyes “set on” or focused on? …it seems like a simple insignificant question with a variety of answers. When we are speaking on our natural visual sight, it’s a easily answered question. But what about deeper than what you see with your eyes …
What is your heart and mind set on? One quick look at society today can give you answers.

I spent almost 12 hours in a hospital setting yesterday. I was able to watch people as we all waited for our friends and love ones to receive favorable diagnosis and/or treatment from doctors and staff. As we sat there, many were occupied with handheld devices. Visualize all the phones, tablets, and laptops we were all engaged in. While waiting, our heads were down!!! Mine included!  Well, until I ran out of battery and was forced to look up. What had me occupied DIDN’T LAST! It kept me anxious and always aware of time, but didn’t truly fulfill me or give me peace during the wait…When forced to look up, I had to set my mind on other more valuable things God was drawing my attention to. ( LORD, THOSE TEACHABLE MOMENTS! )
BUT let’s transfer that into the spiritual.  How often are we going around looking down, focused on the temporal things and not on the things above. ( REF 2 Corinthians 4:18 ) The eternal non seen things that are life to us give way to distractions of the seen…  Our trials, tribulations, storms and afflictions keep are heads down as we ponder on how to survive… today I scream ( to myself and you readers ) LOOK UP!!!
God is in the speaking business! He longs for our friendship and quality time. He wants to share with His people His heart, will, and plans. But we have to set our mind on Him. That’s where we will keep our peace. ( Ref Isaiah 26:3 ) MAKE this a lifestyle. Create a new habit. Stop looking down at what we can see and look up! Set your mind on Christ above!
Be unoccupied!



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