Be In Preparation….


A new year is approaching us in just a couple of days. We always start the year claiming what’s ours and what God is going to do. Before you start the year, spend some time alone with God, praising and thanking Him for THIS year. Then try fasting and praying and allow Him to speak and give you His heart. This year is going to be exactly what you give. GOD is looking for true worshippers.

Where are the ones who just want to be in His presence?

Where are the ones who love the Creator, more than temporal things of the world?

Where are the Remnant of His church that have been through many trials and persecutions and are ready to walk in the calling in which they have been called?

Get your breakthrough NOW! GET ALONE with the Lord and allow Him to show you His plans and His will! Allow Him to breathe on you and restore you as you get ready for a new chapter….
Be Ready, Be Willing



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