We attend church services every week. We cry and “shout” and keep up ruckus during the worship portion of service. We “Amen” and “Preach on” the Pastor and ministers. We run to the altar for prayer ,proclaiming we are ready for change. And we continue this cycle EVERY WEEK!  There is no growth spiritually in our lives. We are living deceived, people of God.

You can’t just hear the word and not obey what it says. Notice I said, THE WORD! (I pray you are all in a ministry that is preaching and teaching the Word of God)

We have to, by faith, do what the word tells us. No excuses! James 1:22 clearly tells us we are deceived when we don’t do what we are hearing. That means obedience. It is hard to graduate to a new level spiritually when we fail to obey on the CURRENT level we are on.

Get with God today and get clear directions on what you should be doing. Actually listen to His instructions and then Do Them!
Be Blessed and Obedient…

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB


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