Weakness….ugh! A word dreaded by anyone who has ever struggled, compromised, lost, or  battled. Sad thing is, being weak always puts the focus on OUR abilities, and not CHRIST’S!
We must (this is imperative in the Christian walk) come to the end of ourselves. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing…but in Him all things are possible. We read it, but do we believe it.
Let us start by getting rid of controlling everything and everyone around us. Let us admit we don’t know it all, and can’t do it all. In a world were being an Alpha male/female is rewarded, we have to look to our ALPHA GOD!…He loves for us to be at our lowest, so He can show the world how great He is…His glory shows up when our self sufficiency ends.  His power comes upon us, when we let go. Trust in Him. Let go of pride and allow Him to be your All…it’s OK to be weak, because then He is strong.
Be Weak, Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB


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