Endures All Things

This is so amazing, I had to share this morning!!! God is speaking…ENDURE! 
The last few days, I have been talking with my family about this one thing, that we as Christians need to learn how to endure some things.  That means when others come against you, to let things go.  Don’t allow things to boil up inside where you become angry and hate them.  I’ve seen and […]



2 thoughts on “Endures All Things

  1. It depends. One should never let abuse go. Women are often taught to take abuse, never fight back & never get angry. It is always the woman’s fault. We always must concede. Well I for one stopped doing that. I speak up and when necessary I fight back. My parents did not raise me to be a doormat and there is never any good excuse for sexual harassment or rape. I survived an domestic violence and made a vow to myself to never ever accept insults or physical attacks again. I’ve kept my promise to myself and I feel absolutely no guilt or shame. Sadly there is way too much sexism on my job but the men who have made the mistake of saying or doing the wrong thing have regretted their choice. Women and girls must learn to stand up for themselves and to defend themselves. I am a Warrior like my namesake in Judges 4 and 5.

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    • We definitely should never let abuse go from our thoughts… But the anger should not consume us. I ,too, have been the victim of abuse ranging from mental to spiritual, sexual and yes, physical. I felt strong in the natural fighting back, but the word of God says be angry but sin not.. God fights my battles now. No, we don’t have equality on jobs, in ministry and even some homes, but God uses our struggles to make us, not necessarily define us. He was abused more than I could ever imagine and He died for me to live in him, so I direct my anger towards the enemy, the devil, who tries to use what I have been through to keep me in bondage to my feelings. I never forget, and I won’t tolerate being treated that way, but I know it’s not my fault and all things work together for my good. I will keep you in my prayers Warrior! You are more than what you have been through….

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