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It seems so long ago that I decided to give my life to Christ and spend the rest of my life pursuing Him. With that came a lot of pains, trials, and seasons of complete despair and confusion. But one thing remained…I was an Overcomer through Christ. A ministry (and many other things ) was birthed through this and […]

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Of course we all know what today is! So let me start off by saying, I am thankful for the life God gives me grace to live, in order for HIM to get glory. What I will do with that blessing is continue to seek the Lord and to grow in who He is as I spread the Gospel!

We are blessed to be a blessing!

BE  thankful and be ever ready!

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB



Well, Amen! I made it. Today marks 1 year since I have stepped out by faith in what God told me to do.

Psalm 118:24
This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Everyday is a gift, and we must learn to embrace them. But the days which hold those milestones God has blessed us with are especially sweet.

This blog was birthed from alot of pain and rejection and a journey to Be Made Whole in spite of.

Psalm 31:7
I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy: for thou hast considered my trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities

See, even when I was suffering and losing everything, God still loved me and kept me. His love was always with me and for that I learned to rejoice in Him ALWAYS!…

I lost a job, house, car, relationship and church home all in the span of 2 years! I had failed at this blog numberous time before I was able to continue. But God still saw me as blessed and chosen.  HOW AMAZING IS THAT!
Rejoice and be glad today regardless of your situation! God knows you and has a purpose for all He allows to take place in our lives. Trust Him, BE GLAD AND……

*** Thank you to all of you that have commented, liked, and or shared ANYTHING I have posted! Some of you have been rocking with me since day 1 and I couldn’t be more humbled by it. I love you ALL WITH THE LOVE OF CHRIST! (probably wouldn’t die for you though, I haven’t reached that level of agape love!!

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB

Just a Reminder…


Some of you are about to walk into a new season of blessings! I read this and thought of how true this becomes when we start being blessed in ways people just can’t (or won’t) grasp.
God loves to honor our obedience and faithfulness! Don’t let opinions of what others are saying or thinking deter you from rejoicing!

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB