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It seems so long ago that I decided to give my life to Christ and spend the rest of my life pursuing Him. With that came a lot of pains, trials, and seasons of complete despair and confusion. But one thing remained…I was an Overcomer through Christ. A ministry (and many other things ) was birthed through this and […]

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Have Compassion…


 We talk about having compassion often. Especially in a world plagued with the sin, violence, and sickness we observe on a daily basis; we can’t help but be moved, to feel “something”, right?  
But is that compassion? The Word says His compassion/love never fails, but how often does ours?

 2 things God spoke in my spirit on this evening about compassion that I want to share. First of all , compassion is for EVERYONE. We have a tendency to love the underdog. To care about the one that’s crying the loudest. The one that shows the most pain. The one wearing battle scars and war wounds on their sleeve. (not saying we shouldn’t show them compassion, please don’t misunderstand what I am saying) But God is an all inclusive God. Any one who excepts Christ is His child, but we are called to BE COMPASSIONATE TO ALL. The strong need compassion as well. Those too intelligent in their minds to see the glory in being dependent on God need compassion as well. Our flesh seeks out the weak to help because they are the easiest to see visible outcomes in. But what about the quiet person battling inner struggles, do we not show them compassion because they seem to be handling it well? Brokenness does not have a color,gender,or an age. It cannot be easily identified in a world accustomed to hiding. Wholeness is not determined by our outward success, so why should hurt, hopelessness and the need for deliverance be determined by our outward manifestations of pain? We need to show compassion to ALL! 

The second thing God showed me is COMPASSION IS AN ACTION WORD! It is showing the love of Christ we all profess to have, in action. Sitting back and pitying someone’s situation is not compassion. Verbally stating how bad you feel, is not action. We must show love in deed!  We tend to show love to those suffering through things we identify with. Example: I overcome having an absent father, so I have compassion and help those with absent fathers. That’s ministry. You need compassion to do ministry, but you don’t have to have a ministry to be compassionate!  Compassion is an outward expression of an inward heart characteristic. I don’t have to have walked in the same shoes to extend love to you. Jesus died for all WE had done. He showed compassion to ALL OF US, no differences. God loved us so much that He showed action and sent His Son to dies for us. How’s that for compassion/love in action? 
Let’s start walking in compassion. Let’s love everyone and show them in the way the Holy Spirit leads us. 

Prayer: Please Lord give me a compassion for your people like Christ had for the church. Move in me Holy Spirit that I not just see ailments in the natural, but You awaken discernment in me to see in the supernatural. Allow my heart to be filled with love that leads to action. Love that leads to more prayer with You in order to seek God given solutions. Teach me and guide me , Lord so I can BE FULL of COMPASSION !

BeMadeWhole! ~asb


God does extraordinary things for ordinary people, we have to remember this and trust it By Faith!  God is with us no matter what we go through. We tend to look towards family and friends when God has told us He is with us WHEREVER we go. Trust in the Word. The walk may seem lonely and you WILL be misunderstood by many, but God already knows and is walking with you through it all. Enjoy His company. He is enough.

Be confident in Him

Walk with purpose…


Let this moment be the beginning of something new…
We are living in times of trials, tests, temptations, and turmoil, but as Christians, we serve a LIVING GOD who does things ON PURPOSE!
What we go through doesn’t always feel good, but it works for our good! Learn while you are going through…allow God to transform that pain into PURPOSE!
Be purposeful

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB



We are living in perilous times. These are the last days. If you are a Christian and have studied the Word (esp Revelations)at all,  nothing that is taking place in this nation should be extremely surprising. Sadly, neither should people’s reactions to it….
Now like never before, we must stand on the Word of God and not compromise or “water down” and weaken the Word to make it comfortable for people. God is the same yesterday, today and forever and we as Christians should not change our stance based on the way the world operates!
Love covers a multitude of sins, and yes, we are commanded to love everyone… but love doesn’t agree with sin. Love doesn’t sit quiet and accept things that are sinful. We must stand on the Word of God that says we should be holy, for God is holy, And abstain from sin that separates us from being in an intimate relationship with our Creator! That goes for ALL sins…not just what WE don’t agree with!
We have to be aware of the  deceivers among us and get in the Word for ourselves.


We don’t have any other options. The Word is real to those who believe!!! So believe it all, Don’t compromise on anything: lying, cheating, stealing, sexual immorality, gossiping, backbiting, anger, being unforgiving, hatred and wrath in you, adultery, fornication, deception, love of money or idolatry, control, manipulation, just to name a few things….
Jesus died for us to be free from those things, and we by faith, believe that and everything else the Word stays.
So stand firm in your beliefs,
Be steadfast, unmovable….

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB



Don’t spend anymore time trying to become something in Christ! Allow God to transform you to the person He intended you to be. That is where the power of God is truly seen!
The power is not in YOUR ABILITY…the true power of Jesus Christ is in YOUR AVAILABILITY!… There is nothing we can do apart from Him. Open yourself to be used by the Lord.


Be Available….

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB