It amazes me how we as a people settle for “dysfunction”. How were are comfortable in chaos. How we try to please those that are unpleasant. How sad it is that we cannot recognize the goodness of God because we have inhabited so long in the foolishness of this world. If you are saved and redeemed by the blood of Christ, You don’t have to live like that!
You are more than a conqueror! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! You are the apple of God’s eye, and He adores you.
Stop settling for the treatment of this world. Stop seeking for friendships and relationships that aren’t worthy of You.

Whatever you give value to, is what you will use to measure your own worth. That means, if the opinions of others matter more to you than God’s, then that’s who you will allow to determine your worth. If your career matters more to you, your job  status and pay scale will determine your worth. If you spend time seeking a significant other,rather than the Kingdom of God, how they feel about you determines how you feel about you. Etcetera… etcetera….
You have to know your worth based on who CHRIST says you are. That means you have to spend time alone with Him, seeking His heart!
You have Value!!! Now go walk in it!

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB


Just a Reminder…


Some of you are about to walk into a new season of blessings! I read this and thought of how true this becomes when we start being blessed in ways people just can’t (or won’t) grasp.
God loves to honor our obedience and faithfulness! Don’t let opinions of what others are saying or thinking deter you from rejoicing!

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB




Luke 16:13 (NIV) No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

Matthew 6:19-21 (NIV) 19 Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

So self-explanatory, right?? RIGHT!!!

Not saying it’s not beneficial to have money, let’s be truthful. Even in the body of Christ, it takes money to spread the Gospel. But our pursuit shouldn’t be about money. Let’s not get caught up in having things and let’s focus on having Christ!!! Some of us spend our time in the rat race society has created trying to be the best, make the most money, and be the most intelligent. Only to be a miserable mean person in the process. Life is worth much more than pursuing worldly “treasure” or riches. Be a person with depth and substance. Focus on the eternal. When you seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness all things will be added to your life…ALL THINGS. (Ref Matthew 6:33) Be a WHOLE person. Put Christ first and the money with follow you!!! Money shouldn’t be ALL you have to offer. Christ will always provide. Trust in HIS RICHES!!!


BeRich, BeKingdomMinded and

BeMadeWhole ~ASB

Memories and Promises

empty room2

What do you see? How far is your vision? Where are you standing?…

Working on wholeness has given me revelations I have been previously blinded to. One is an “empty room” revelation. God has been dealing with me on perception this week. I am learning how to look at life differently.

I spent a lot of time moving around when I was younger. Also, as a single mother of two, my adult life has been a whirlwind of moving and adjusting to different environments. What I remember most about those transition periods were two defining moments. The first was when I found a new place and could stand in the empty rooms and see potential and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Secondly, after I cleaned out my old residence, I recall standing in the emptied out space, remembering all the things that had taken place there. I stood there remembering the laughs, cries, and experiences that encompassed my journey. In both places I was standing in similar circumstances, empty rooms. But one place had me focused on memories, while the other empty space had me focused on new beginnings and promises that had yet been fulfilled. Both are necessary, but we can only exist in one.

“Empty rooms” can be many different things.

  • When you get a new job, do you think about everything that happened on your last job? Do you focus on how your boss was or previous co-workers, and then behave based off of what took place before? Or do you focus on the opportunity and prepare to embark on a new journey?
  • When you enter in a new relationship, are you ready to start new with trusting and loving as Christ loves us, or do you hold the new person accountable for the last persons mistakes?
  • In ministry, do you focus on the vision before you and place your faith in what God is doing, so He can be glorified? Or do you try to control every aspect of God’s work, so you cannot be hurt or disappointed like you were in your last ministry?

What “empty room” are you standing in? One filled with memories or one filled with promises?

Where ever you are standing look towards the promise. No matter what the situation is, meditate on the newness and possibilities. Place your faith in what you CANNOT see. Your vision should always be focused on God and moving forward in what He has in store for you. Without a vision, you will perish or suffer ruin and destruction. (Ref Proverbs 29:18a)

Yes, we must always take the time to remember. Appreciate where we have been. But we cannot exist there. It would be like trying to reside in two places. We can’t go forward with vision, purpose and wholeness, if we still exist in the past.

Think about the “empty rooms” in YOUR life. Are you focused on what will be, or are you looking at what was. It is all about perception. Same empty rooms, different perceptions. Memories or promises? Where will YOU exist?

While standing in our “empty rooms”, let us focus on the promises and have faith in the newness God gives us!!!!




STOP trying to “BE HAPPY”!!!

joy in life

Wait, uhmmm…. WHAT???…LOL….I know many of you are confused, so let me explain. We live in a society where everyone is focused on trying to be happy in their day to day lives. We say constantly, “I just want to be happy”, or “I am looking for happiness”, or “if this and that would take place, that would make me so happy”. We emphasize regularly how “so and so makes us happy” or “Whew, now I can get back to being happy”. There is even an upbeat popular song out by Pharell titled Happy that allows you to get excited and feel good (temporarily). We bombard ourselves daily with thoughts of how we can attain this “happiness” and how much better we will be once it’s attained. We search for happiness in careers, friendships, and in our relations with significant others.  Sadly, we are fooling ourselves. Happy is an emotion! When we seek happiness, we look for a feeling that comes based on what’s happening!!! We allow what’s going on AROUND us to dictate our mood. We put ourselves in a position that says unless A or B happens, we will not receive enjoyment out of life. We put the focus on what’s going on IN our lives and we all know those things change quickly. Our moods end up changing based on our circumstances and we do not understand why we cannot get peace.

If you are like me, you have heard many gospel-teaching giants relay the same message and it is true! You can’t let your circumstances dictate how you feel. There has to be something on the inside that keeps you content, peaceful, and satisfied even when the darkest of days come. As Christians, we should have an eternal joy in Christ that cannot be shaking by this world!

1) Stay in His Presence

Psalm 16:11

Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore

This scripture shows us in the presence of God can we have joy. Not only joy, but FULLNESS of it. And all the pleasures are at His right hand. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?  We know that Christ is now seated at the right hand of God (Ref Luke 22:69, Hebrews 1:3), and we by faith are made to sit with Him (Ref Ephesians 2:6-7). His presence is constantly available to us; we must have faith to just receive the joy.

Being in the presence of God allows an eternal joy that no circumstance should be able to shake. We have to choose to walk in this daily. And when we feel weak, we have to understand that HIS joy gives us strength to continue in our walk.

2) Allow His joy to be our strength

Nehemiah 8:10

Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

(Read also Nehemiah 8:1-12)

In Nehemiah, there was a rebuilding taking place. Once that phase was over, it was time for things to be set in order. In chapter 8, we see the people were listening to the law being read to them by Ezra, and when they heard the words of the law read and explained, they began to weep (verse 9). They are then given instructions to go and eat, feast and enjoy life, and to give to those less fortunate and not feel bad. Their strength is going to come from having their joy in God and God alone.

This is how we should be. When we come into contact with the Word of God and its commandments, there should be a Godly sorrow. We should understand that we have Christ, our risen King, here to help us with all that God wants from us. Now that the Lord has put the law in our hearts (Ref Jeremiah 31:33, Hebrews 10:16), we can through Christ live an abundant life (Ref John 10:10) THIS IS WHERE OUR STRENGTH COMES FROM, AND WHERE WE SHOULD RECEIVE OUR JOY!!! THE LORD!!!

JOY equals

Jesus loving us and dying, so that we may live and be able to have Him live in us

                       Romans 5:8-But God commandeth (demonstrates) his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Obeying the Word of God (not just hearing the Word, but making an effort to obey it)

                       John 14:15 If you love me, keep my commandments

                       Luke 11:28- Blessed are they that hear the Word of God and keep it.

                       James 1:22- But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves

Yearning to help others

                      Nehemiah 8:10 ^^^ written above

                      Isaiah 58:7 (NIV) Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter—when you see the naked to clothe him and not turn away from your own flesh and blood?

JOY!!!!!! Staying in the presence of our Lord! Knowing who Christ is and your position in Him, obeying the Word He has left to instruct you, and helping others, so the focus is not on you is a definite recipe for JOY!! Thank you Lord.

So STOP looking for Happiness. Stop trying to obtain something that will never fulfill you. Stop looking at outside resources to give you inward peace. Only TRUSTING IN GOD and STAYING IN HIS PRESENCE will give you pure joy on the inside.

We no longer have to try and look to be “happy”! True Happiness and pleasures are emotions that come from having joy within. There is nothing wrong with being happy, but we shouldn’t seek it! SEEK JOY! Then we can truly say in our hearts…..THIS JOY WE HAVE; THE WORLD DIDN’T GIVE IT TO US, AND THE WORLD CANT TAKE IT AWAY!!! HALLELUJAH!!!



*** Please read the following scriptures and study the Word of God on your own. A relationship with God is a personal one, and when you study the Word for yourself, you will find God opening up your eyes and ears to see and hear revelation like never before. I can only give you my experiences and lessons I have learned. You must seek and know Him for yourself!!!!!!

Scriptures used in this post: ( I know it was a lot this week!!! )

Psalm 16:11

Luke 22:69

Hebrews 1:3

Ephesians 2:6-7

Nehemiah 8:1-12

Jeremiah 31:33

Hebrews 10:16

John 10:10

Roman 5:8

John 14:15

Luke 11:28

James 1:22

Nehemiah 8:10

Isaiah 58:7


***REMEMBER….If you would like to give your life to Christ for Him to be your personal Lord and Savior, please do not hesitate to do so. Find a spiritual advisor/mentor/Pastor or just a friend that you know has a personal relationship with Christ and have them pray for and with you regarding giving your life to Christ and receiving salvation through Him. If none of those are available to you (you can also contact me via email), you can pray earnestly to God where you are now, with a heart to change your ways and live for Him, and I believe He will hear and receive you as His own!!!(also allow and trust God to lead you to a loving, Bible teaching church, so you can be taught, healed, delivered and properly loved on through your walk

I’M READY TO B.M.W!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HELLO ALL and WELCOME!!! My name is Alease Shante’ Bigby. I was born into this world 36 yrs ago in Birmingham, AL. Being a military brat, my travels and experiences have stretched over many cities, states and countries. I have Associate degrees in Law/Pre Law and Criminal Justice. I have received my Bachelor’s in Justice Studies with a minor in Behavioral Science. I am blessed to be a single mother of two, and have experienced so many things in my short time here. But the true journey of my life did not begin until I made the decision to live for Christ in the summer of 2002. Acknowledging that He was my Savior, Lord and King was the best path I have chosen for my life. Armed with the Word (the Holy Bible) as my guide, I made a strong attempt at living a Christian life.

In 2005 I received a call to minister and in 2007 I was licensed as a minister of the Gospel… NEEDLESS TO SAY, I STRUGGLED!!! LOL…. Where was this peace and joy I heard so much about? Why did it seem as if my troubles doubled? Why were there no examples in MY life that I could follow? Why did the people IN the CHURCH seem even more judgmental than the people IN the WORLD? Where is the fulfilling life I was reading about in the Word of God? The life I was destined to live IN Christ!! I didn’t feel WHOLE!!! I WANTED MORE!!! I had more questions than I had answers. I received revelation to write this blog after many conversations with friends, co-workers, fellow church members, and a variety of different people that I have encountered. It seemed I wasn’t the only one who started my Christian walk with so many questions, and many are still looking for answers. It seemed as if everyone was broken in some area and was looking to be made whole.

After MANY failures, mistakes, trials, and tribulations I am going forth in what God has instructed me to do. I am not a theologian and I am not an experienced blogger, just a woman of God who loves Him and wants everyone to experience the love He has for us.

I will blog about being a whole person in every area of your life IN CHRIST!!! That includes being a single mom, raising teens in these times, the daily battle of dying to who you are and becoming the person God created you to be waiting, finding your husband/mate….WHEW!!! I have alot to share….basically a peek into the window of my heart for God and how He can truly transform your life and renew your situations!!!


1 Thessalonians 5:23

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly, and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.