Dealing with the Offense, the Offender and the Offended

Hello Everybody! Well, this post is going to be rather short (I think) and not intended to be preachy, but I just wanted to address something here. I want to tackle the issue of offenses. In this life you will be offended, or have committed an offense and/or may have offended someone or some people […]



God always has a plan for us,  but there are steps we must go through to reach our expected end. One of the hardest things to do when you are going through a season of suffering is be silent about it. 

  God promises His grace to bring us 4 things after suffering and we should take comfort in THESE. 

  1. Be restored – receiving more in every aspect of your life esp the things you felt was lost during suffering 
  2. Be confirmed – knowing more than ever who you are in Christ and being confident in Him who was with you. 
  3. Be strengthened – being sure that His strength is made perfect through our weaknesses (trials and sufferings) and gaining supernatural confidence that you can do all things through Christ. 
  4. Be established – firmly rooted and grounded in the Lord and Saviour and becoming more like Him daily. 

In 1 Peter 5:8 , the Word of God tell us to be sober (self-controlled) and vigilant ( watchful) because the devil is looking for someone to overtake. In verse 9 it states for us to be steadfast in our faith while resisting the devil because the same sufferings we have, so do our brothers and sisters in Christ. This lets us know we are not alone and we will suffer just resisting attacks! But greater is He that is in us!

 Prayer is key during these moments. Go straight to God through our advocate, Jesus Christ. Allow the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide you, so you can overcome. It’s not about getting through, but learning while you are going through

Whatever you are going through , Be still and know that He is God and has it all under control. Be encouraged, it’s only for a moment…. 




    God does extraordinary things for ordinary people, we have to remember this and trust it By Faith!  God is with us no matter what we go through. We tend to look towards family and friends when God has told us He is with us WHEREVER we go. Trust in the Word. The walk may seem lonely and you WILL be misunderstood by many, but God already knows and is walking with you through it all. Enjoy His company. He is enough.

    Be confident in Him


    A Word for the Body of Christ….please read…

    Women in the Waiting

    ***Word for the church!*** God says there is a change of guards. My apostles and prophets have not upheld my standard and have not spoken truth. I will take the mantle from you and place it upon those I am raising up. I am removing your anointing as I did in the days of King Saul and David. The writing is on the wall as in the days of King Nebuchadnezzar, but who will read the writing? Who will interpret the times? You have danced with the devil in my house. You have allowed fornicators to lead my worship. You have allowed revilers and drunkards to speak in my house. You have allowed the rebellious and hateful to serve my sacrament. You have closed the mouths of ones I have sent to warn you. You have exalted yourself using the gifts I have placed in you. You have used my…

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    BE OPEN…


    Sleep escapes me right now. I have so much on my plate, my thoughts feel like a rat on a wheel. I can honestly say  I have no clue what God is about to do in my life and that is terrifying!
    Nothing moves me, but my one on one time with him. I am seeking like never before for an answer because I know change is inevitable. Through my exhaustion I encourage all that are going through a “transition ” to be open to whatever God wants to do in your life.
    Growth is never easy and usually is uncomfortable , so prepare yourself in advance. God knows the plan for us, even when we don’t. His thoughts are not ours and ,of course , are higher. (ISAIAH 55:8&9 ref)
    Rest in His ways.( And with that, I have written my self into peace that passes All my understanding. I am ready for sleep!)
    Be open All!

    Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB



    Of course we all know what today is! So let me start off by saying, I am thankful for the life God gives me grace to live, in order for HIM to get glory. What I will do with that blessing is continue to seek the Lord and to grow in who He is as I spread the Gospel!

    We are blessed to be a blessing!

    BE  thankful and be ever ready!

    Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB

    Be Fearless…


    As I lay here, consumed with many thoughts, I try to understand why am I struggling with sleep tonight. There are so many changes going on currently, I can’t even keep track of what I should be concerned with. But one thing I am sure of…CHANGE WILL HAPPEN!…I have realized tonight (that deep in the heart revelation) God’s plan is elaborate, yet deliberate!
    Yes, a lot of changes are taking place. Relationships are shifting. Roles are being defined differently. Spirituality is being heightened! All to prepare the body of Christ to minister to this lost world.
    I courageously accept with faith, my future in Christ. Who I am in Him is secure.
    We may not know what will happen daily when we wake up, but the important thing is, He graciously allows us TO wake up. For that I am grateful!
    I will deliberately go to sleep with confidence, and be prepared to start my day unafraid of what He has planned for my future.
    To know Him is to Trust In Him…stop being concerned with what is to come and exist for His glory!!!
    Be strong,daring,FEARLESS….

    Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB