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Being Quiet….

I have entered into this amazing place with God called rest. It was needed and accepted as the world and its inhabitants daily tried to engage me in petty situations. I love that God allows the Holy Spirit to give us exactly what we seek and that’s an opportunity to get closer to Him. 

A calm has come over me; a peace that passes anything I can articulate with words. All I can say is , I am so in love with this feeling……

….. it came because I allowed myself to be in obedience and be quiet. I am hearing Him like never before! 

Be patient and rest, Be quiet, and 





God does extraordinary things for ordinary people, we have to remember this and trust it By Faith!  God is with us no matter what we go through. We tend to look towards family and friends when God has told us He is with us WHEREVER we go. Trust in the Word. The walk may seem lonely and you WILL be misunderstood by many, but God already knows and is walking with you through it all. Enjoy His company. He is enough.

Be confident in Him



Sleep escapes me right now. I have so much on my plate, my thoughts feel like a rat on a wheel. I can honestly say  I have no clue what God is about to do in my life and that is terrifying!
Nothing moves me, but my one on one time with him. I am seeking like never before for an answer because I know change is inevitable. Through my exhaustion I encourage all that are going through a “transition ” to be open to whatever God wants to do in your life.
Growth is never easy and usually is uncomfortable , so prepare yourself in advance. God knows the plan for us, even when we don’t. His thoughts are not ours and ,of course , are higher. (ISAIAH 55:8&9 ref)
Rest in His ways.( And with that, I have written my self into peace that passes All my understanding. I am ready for sleep!)
Be open All!

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB

Be Fearless…


As I lay here, consumed with many thoughts, I try to understand why am I struggling with sleep tonight. There are so many changes going on currently, I can’t even keep track of what I should be concerned with. But one thing I am sure of…CHANGE WILL HAPPEN!…I have realized tonight (that deep in the heart revelation) God’s plan is elaborate, yet deliberate!
Yes, a lot of changes are taking place. Relationships are shifting. Roles are being defined differently. Spirituality is being heightened! All to prepare the body of Christ to minister to this lost world.
I courageously accept with faith, my future in Christ. Who I am in Him is secure.
We may not know what will happen daily when we wake up, but the important thing is, He graciously allows us TO wake up. For that I am grateful!
I will deliberately go to sleep with confidence, and be prepared to start my day unafraid of what He has planned for my future.
To know Him is to Trust In Him…stop being concerned with what is to come and exist for His glory!!!
Be strong,daring,FEARLESS….

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB

Walk with purpose…


Let this moment be the beginning of something new…
We are living in times of trials, tests, temptations, and turmoil, but as Christians, we serve a LIVING GOD who does things ON PURPOSE!
What we go through doesn’t always feel good, but it works for our good! Learn while you are going through…allow God to transform that pain into PURPOSE!
Be purposeful

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB



We are living in perilous times. These are the last days. If you are a Christian and have studied the Word (esp Revelations)at all,  nothing that is taking place in this nation should be extremely surprising. Sadly, neither should people’s reactions to it….
Now like never before, we must stand on the Word of God and not compromise or “water down” and weaken the Word to make it comfortable for people. God is the same yesterday, today and forever and we as Christians should not change our stance based on the way the world operates!
Love covers a multitude of sins, and yes, we are commanded to love everyone… but love doesn’t agree with sin. Love doesn’t sit quiet and accept things that are sinful. We must stand on the Word of God that says we should be holy, for God is holy, And abstain from sin that separates us from being in an intimate relationship with our Creator! That goes for ALL sins…not just what WE don’t agree with!
We have to be aware of the  deceivers among us and get in the Word for ourselves.


We don’t have any other options. The Word is real to those who believe!!! So believe it all, Don’t compromise on anything: lying, cheating, stealing, sexual immorality, gossiping, backbiting, anger, being unforgiving, hatred and wrath in you, adultery, fornication, deception, love of money or idolatry, control, manipulation, just to name a few things….
Jesus died for us to be free from those things, and we by faith, believe that and everything else the Word stays.
So stand firm in your beliefs,
Be steadfast, unmovable….

Be Blessed And Be Made Whole! ~ ASB