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Being Quiet….

I have entered into this amazing place with God called rest. It was needed and accepted as the world and its inhabitants daily tried to engage me in petty situations. I love that God allows the Holy Spirit to give us exactly what we seek and that’s an opportunity to get closer to Him. 

A calm has come over me; a peace that passes anything I can articulate with words. All I can say is , I am so in love with this feeling……

….. it came because I allowed myself to be in obedience and be quiet. I am hearing Him like never before! 

Be patient and rest, Be quiet, and 



The Process…


This morning embrace the process. This quote by one of the most inspirational women of our time, is moving me this morning. We know that our end is determined and God’s promises are true, but that is hard to remember when you are in the “cocoon experience”.  This will pass!
Embrace the process! Just like the butterfly,  the beauty of your walk can never take place without the cocoon or the process of transformation. No doubt, it is dark, uncomfortable, and  tight in some areas, but the beauty that radiates from the finished product is worth it!
Be Patient during the Process…